Frequently asked questions

What is Preppy App?

Preppy app is a mobile app that connects to a Bluetooth printer to print food safety labels for kitchens.

Can I use more than 1 device?

Absolutely there is no problem printing from several tablets and phones at the same time.

What’s the ongoing cost?

Preppy has no Database setup cost, subscriptions fees, additional user or any of those other nasty charges, the only ongoing cost is the labels you print.

Do I have to use a PREPsafe Printer?

No, if you already have a ZPL compatible Bluetooth printer like the Zebra ZD410 then switching to PREPsafe only requires a user account and PREPsafe Labels.

What platforms is Preppy app available on?

Preppy app is available to download for free on both Apple Android tablets and phones.

Do menu updates download automatically?

Yes, once an administrator makes a menu version change your company’s Store accounts will all update automatically.

What are the Minimum requirements?

Preppy App supports Android version 7 or higher and Apple IOS version10 or higher.

Does Preppy App require an internet connection?

Yes, by default Preppy app will require an internet connection for updates and licencing, however preppy app also has the ability to work offline for long periods with a few setup changes

Do you have Dissolvable Labels?

Yes, PREPsafe dissolvable labels are available through most PREPsafe Distributors