October 2, 2023 • 3 min read

Effectively utilising use by dates is essential for food establishments to reduce food waste, control costs, maintain food safety, and more.

Food Labeling Technology for Restaurants

In today’s restaurant industry, where efficiency, accuracy, and compliance with food safety is vital, technology has emerged as a valuable tool.

Of course, this is not just the case with Restaurants. Here at PREPsafe our clients include:

·     Restaurants

·     Cafes

·     Hotels

·     Schools

·     Childcare Facilities 

·    Age Care

·     + More. 

Advanced food labeling technology is helping restaurants manage their menus, track ingredients, and ensure adherence to regulatory standards.

In this blog post, we will explore the PREPsafe Preppy App and how this is helping businesses stay competitive while prioritising food safety and customer satisfaction.

The Preppy App is a mobile application designed to link with a web-based self-service cloud platform, managed by your company’s administrator, where all your data is stored. After you’ve installed and logged into the Preppy app on your mobile device or tablet, all your Themes, Logos, Categories, Items, and Custom labels will automatically appear. Our Bluetooth printer effortlessly connects and produces high-quality thermal food safety labels using PREPsafe’s technology.

This means you can consistently ensure accuracy and readability in your food safety labeling without subscription fees. The ongoing cost per label sitting at approximately just 1 cent!

Knowing a “use by” date is crucial for effectively managing food stock. Especially in today’s market where the cost of living keeps increasing – all businesses need to ensure efficiencies where possible. 

Preventing Food Waste: Use by dates provide a clear guideline on when a food product should be consumed to ensure safety and quality.

Optimising Inventory: By tracking use by dates, businesses can organise their inventory more efficiently. 

Menu Planning: Knowledge of use by dates plays a critical role in menu planning.

Reducing Food Costs: Managing use by dates can significantly reduce food costs.

By using items close to their expiry dates in daily specials or creative dishes.

Enhancing Food Safety: Ensuring that food products are used before their use by dates expires is essential for maintaining food safety.

In summary, knowing and effectively utilising use by dates is essential for restaurants and food establishments to reduce food waste, control costs, maintain food safety, and optimise menu planning and operations.

It contributes to both sustainability and the ability to offer high quality meals to customers while managing food stocks and menus efficiently.

Whether you operate an independent restaurant or a franchise with 1000s of locations, Preppy App by PREPsafe delivers a simple food safety labeling solution that will fit your needs and requirements.

Get in touch with our PREPsafe Food Labeling team to discuss your requirements. 

By including PREPsafe’s innovative labelling solution in your kitchen, you will join over 7,500 global businesses already reaping the rewards of a labelling system designed for the busy food industry.  

Get in contact today to find out what PREPsafe can do for you!

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