March 29, 2023 • 3 min read

If you run a food service business, you already know the importance of food safety and hygiene. By ensuring your food is safe to eat and always at its very best you are keeping your customers safe, reducing unnecessary food waste, and saving money. 

Labelling your food items is one of the easiest ways to keep on top of your food rotation.

PREPsafe is an innovative system that saves you time while making sure your food stock is in-date and edible.

How is PREPsafe different from Day Dots?

No Smudged Handwriting

There is nothing worse than spending time filling in the information on a food label, only to accidentally swipe it and smudge all the writing before the ink has dried. 

Then you have two choices.

Either you risk it and put the sticker on your containers and hope it makes sense to whoever must read it, or you must start all over again. What a waste of time!

PREPsafe wants to eliminate those time-wasting moments from your busy day. 

Using our printed food safety labels means you won’t have the hassle of smudged handwriting and wasted time.

No Need to Decipher Handwriting

We are not all professional calligraphy artists! Most of us only have to worry about deciphering our handwriting. 

If anyone on your team has hard-to-read handwriting, this can make reading their written labels a real chore. 

Our clear and easy-to-read food labels reduce the risk of reading the information wrong and ultimately using food that is not fit for consumption in your beautiful dishes or disposing of food that had a week or more life left. 

Inconsistency in Labelling

Although you train each employee on what information is required on the labels you cannot be 100% sure that they follow the same template each time.

This can lead to confusion and errors in tracking food items.

Time Saving

The PREPsafe system is designed to save you time, something food service businesses never have enough of!

You won’t have to spend hours updating handwritten food labels. Instead, with the simple press of a button, you will have fresh new labels printed in seconds. 

Store Accounts

Do you have more than one store?

One thing Day Dots cannot do is ensure that all your stores have access to the same information at the same time.

PREPsafe allows you to create multiple store accounts on our Preppy App

This means logos, thawing labels, use-by labels, and much more will be available to each of your store locations as soon as they need them. 

Are You Ready to Get Food Smart with PREPsafe?

PREPsafe is taking kitchen date labeling automation to the next level. 

We have created an innovative labeling solution system to make managing your kitchen easier than ever before. Leading the way in automated restaurant food safety labeling since 2004.

If you are ready to join over 7,500 active restaurants that use PREPsafe globally, you can use our contact information here to reach one of our expert team in your area who can guide you on how PREPsafe can help your business.