June 27, 2023 • 3 min read

If you have a business in the food service industry, we are sure you already know that food safety is a big deal. Food labeling is one of the easiest and most important ways to ensure that the food you sell your customers is top quality!
Labelling your food items is one of the easiest ways to keep on top of your food rotation.

PREPsafe is an innovative system that saves you time while making sure your food stock is in-date and edible.

More than a Food Date Label

Most people are pretty good at reading food labels and being able to understand the information provided. 

There are many reasons why being able to read food labels is important. Such as:

  • If you are on a calorie-reduced diet
  • If you have diabetes and need to control your carbohydrate intake
  • If you have food allergies
  • If you have religious food restrictions

When you work in a commercial kitchen, food labelling is not just about dietary restrictions. 

It is also a way to reduce food waste, lower food costs and maintain the health and safety of your customers. 

Here are the four things your PREPsafe food label printer will help you simplify:

Include the Type of Product on your Food Date Label

You might think that one week down the line you will know exactly what food item is stored in each container. However, it’s not hard to forget with so much going on in your kitchen.

Our food label printer helps you quickly and efficiently identify each food item with simple yet informative labels. 

This saves time and reduces food waste.

When A Product Was Prepared

PREPsafe food labels take the guesswork out of remembering when each individual product was prepared. This can help you with efficient stock rotation in your kitchen, a process that we all know is the cornerstone of a low-waste kitchen. 

Knowing when a product was prepared can help streamline the healthy functioning of your commercial kitchen. 

When You Need to Use a Product By

Although use-by dates are more of a guide in regular day-to-day life, in a commercial kitchen they are not something to be ignored. That is why all PREPsafe labels include a use-by section. 

Use by dates helps to eliminate inedible or even rotten foods from your customers’ plates and reduces food waste because you know to use something up well before it is past its best. 

Who Labeled Each Product

Sometimes labelling mistakes happen but, by knowing who printed each label, you can discover whether it is a knowledge gap, a recurrent mistake and whether someone needs a little bit of extra training support. 

That is why each of our food labels will include the name of the clerk that printed your label. 

Streamline Kitchen Efficiency with PrepSafe – Food Safety Label Printer

The PREPsafe food label printer is designed to improve efficiency and safety within your commercial kitchen with precise and easy-to-read food labels. 

By including PREPsafe’s innovative labelling solution in your kitchen, you will join over 7,500 global businesses already reaping the rewards of a labelling system designed for the busy food industry.  

Get in contact today to find out what PREPsafe can do for you!

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