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Welcome to Preppy App

Whether you operate an independent restaurant or a franchise with 1000s of locations, Preppy App by PREPsafe delivers a simple food safety labeling solution that will fit your needs and requirements.
At the core, Preppy App is a mobile application that connects to a web based self service cloud that houses all your data and is controlled by your company admin. Once you download and log into Preppy app on your phone or tablet all your Themes, Logos, Catagories, Items and Custom labels will populate. Our Bluetooth printer connects seamlessly and prints on PREPsafe’s  thermal Food safety labels.
The result is food safety labeling that is 100% accurate and legible every time and with no subscription fees ever and an ongoing cost of approx 1 cent per label. Preppy  App Food Safety labeling for Apple IOS and Android truly has turned the idea of affordable automated kitchen labeling on its head.
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After installing Preppy App in your kitchen, your staff will be able to create accurate, legible Food safety labels in seconds without referring to charts or relying on manual calculations. PREPsafe labels are easy to spot in a cool room environment and give the employee or manager all the information they need at a glance. When it comes to Thawed items Preppy app not only prints Thawing labels, but goes the extra mile and recalculates Use By times based on a products Out Of Freezer time and will even give a Discard message if a product has exceeded both its Defrost and Shelf Life value so you will always be 100% compliant.
Custom labels will also take care of all your general labeling requirements, whether it is a label for Consumption information,  catering or a Received label with current date and time for incoming stock deliveries, Preppy App has got it covered.

Cloud Server

The Backend workhorse is the website engine for Preppy App. with its grid design it gives a huge amount of intuitive customization and search function access at both Company and Store level admin. Everything in the app is customizable from the screen wallpaper and your company logo to the item images, text on buttons,  labels content and terminology. Even language can be edited to suit your needs
The webserver also hosts your custom labels and templates so you can create and print any label you can possibly think of on demand straight from the app.
A mass upload function for stores and items in excel format makes creating your company database quick and easy and there is even a reports function that will generate a multitude of reports