April 21, 2023 • 3 min read

If you have a business in the food service industry, we are sure you already know that food safety is a big deal. Food labeling is one of the easiest and most important ways to ensure that the food you sell your customers is top quality!
Labelling your food items is one of the easiest ways to keep on top of your food rotation.

PREPsafe is an innovative system that saves you time while making sure your food stock is in-date and edible.

Why Accurate Food Labeling is Important

There are food safety standards specific to each country set in place to help food businesses make the right decisions when preparing, storing, and serving food items. 

Food date labeling is an important tool to help prevent food borne illness. It provides information on the freshness of the food and indicates when it is no longer safe to consume. Consuming food beyond its expiration date can increase the risk of food poisoning.

Here are four reasons why accurate food labeling is so important.

1. Identifying Food Correctly

It may seem simple but making it easy to identify what food items are stored in your food containers is one of the most important things you need in your commercial kitchen.

This is why PREPsafe labels ensure that you have space to include the item’s name and that name is also emboldened making it harder to miss.

2. Reduce Food Waste

Stock rotation is an important part of any business that handles food but more so the food service industry. 

Food waste is inevitable to a certain degree but the last thing we want to have to do is throw out food directly from the fridge before it even reaches the customer. 

By labeling your food items correctly, you can ensure you are using these products before they go bad.

There is nothing worse than going to use an ingredient, only to open the container and be greeted with a bad stench. Adequate food labeling helps reduce the risk of having to throw away food. 

3. Know When Food Was Prepared

Knowing when your food was prepared will ultimately determine how long they can survive in your storage areas – whether that be in cupboards, the fridge or the freezer. 

Not only do PREPsafe labels leave space for you to insert the date each item was prepared but, we go one step further, and you can put the exact time the item was prepared for the kitchen.

4. Avoid Using Expired Food

Now, we could say this goes without saying but one of the most important reasons we label food containers is to ensure we are aware when food items have expired. 

Our PREPsafe food labels have a place to include a use-by or expiry date. 

You want all of your food items available to your kitchen staff to always be in date and safe to eat and effectively labeling your containers will help you do this.

Overall, food date labeling is an important tool for ensuring food safety, preventing food waste, complying with regulations, and providing convenience to consumers.

Accurate Food Safety Labels With PREPsafe

Here at PREPsafe, we have designed a system that prints accurate food safety labels in seconds.

Our system allows you to push changes or updates to your menu across all stores/restaurants in seconds.

We offer Wireless printing and a custom built app – Preppy App, which comes with no subscription fees and is available for both Android and IOS.

We want to help save you time and money and improve the running of your business. 

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