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Price and barcode, Consumption, Allergen, or simply labeling catering. Preppy app is onto it


Clients say

Since my first interaction with the PREPsafe team I have felt like a valued customer. PREPsafe are very responsive to queries and requests, we have been very impressed by the customer service. In terms of the product, it is simple and user friendly. It has significantly reduced the human error in labelling, resulting in reduced wastage for us in store. PREPsafe has been a safe guard for us and the team love it!
Mark Huntington
Red Rooster
I have used Prepsafe for over 2 years now and it is a real lifesaver and a timesaver. Makes the task of labelling food simple for the staff which allows our Food Safety to be a priority at all times Highly recommend it to anyone in a food service industry.
David Vicars
Coffee Club WA
I have been more than happy with the service of your team and the quality of the products we use. I would be more than happy to recommend you to other businesses.
Kim Cox
Pizza Hut QLD
I have been using PREPsafe labeling Systems at all 3 of my Subway restaurants for quite some. Not only is PREPsafe an efficient way to label all food products, it’s comforting to know the information on each label is correct, easy-to-read, and standardised. Equally impressive is the service provided by George and his team. George promptly addresses any software or hardware issues encountered to ensure our system is always operating. Any food establishment not using PrepSafe, is recommended to do so.
Kelly Tabone
Subway NSW
PREPsafe is an easy to set up, one stop shop for food safety labeling in store. The sales Team made it simple to get started and helped ensure we had enough units for our 100+ store franchise business. With constant support available, the system was adaptable to our needs and efficient to train all the teams in how to use the app and printer. We are so glad we made the choice to use PREPsafe, as it has given us consistency across Australia and peace of mind that customers are getting the best quality products!'
Jake Squires
NSO Roll’d Australia
Using PREPsafe’s standardised solution, Carl’s Jr. is now able to focus on delivering excellent customer service in a heightened food safety environment It is honestly amazing. I can walk around any store and check exactly how long items were taken out from their storage room immediately, it’s changed how we operate in stores taking food safety to another level
TK Nyamvura
Multi-site manager Carl’s Jr Australia
We selected and implemented the PREPsafe labeling system into our kitchens a couple of years ago now. PREPsafe has proven to be a great tool its very user friendly for the team, a timer saver and accurate meeting our food safety requirements for labeling. I often recommend the benefits of using the PREPsafe labeling system to colleagues in the food industry still using the handwritten labeling method
Jason Large
Executive Chef Holiday Inn Thailand
The PREPsafe system has proven itself so effective that franchisees and team members are advocating it to each other. Having a system that standardises labelling and is ease of use enables us to focus our office support resources on driving improvement in other key food safety areas. We found that when you want to improve a process by using a new product or system in a multisite operation, there are three key factors you need to nail for it to be successful. Firstly, it must be user-friendly. Secondly, it must be quick to operate and implement. Lastly, and the biggest factor for franchisees, is that it must provide ROI. The PREPsafe system provides all three of these.
Tim Marco
Multi site operations manager The Coffee Club
We recently introduced PREPsafe into our network, and haven’t looked back.. It is far superior than any other food labelling method we have used in the past, ensuring labelling requirements are bang-on under Food Safety Standard requirements. It eliminates any guesswork, reliable and most of all very easy for staff to use,. I Would highly recommend PREPsafe
Peter Koutsovasilis
Zeus Street Greek Co-founder & Shareholder

labeling system

Since 2004 PREPsafe has proven time and again that our labeling systems and their ease of use are simply world-class. Fast forward a decade or so and today and there is a very good reason thousands of restaurants around the world trust and rely on Preppy App for food safety.

By introducing Preppy App into your kitchen you can be guaranteed improved efficiency within the workplace. You will not only be able to find and easily identify what you need, when you need it but eliminate unnecessary food waste! Take the guesswork out of labeling and let your staff take control of food safety at the touch of a button.

It might just be the best investment you ever have to make!

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