PREPsafe revolutionized the F&B industry with the introduction of a digital system for food safety labeling in 2004. The savings in time, money and human error were game changing. And many of the biggest brands in Australia were quick to adopt the system. 

Subway, Pizza Hut, Dominoes and many more became early adopters. And despite being approached by copycat companies, they have stuck with the pioneers of digital labeling as PREPsafe have continued to upgrade the software and adapt to client needs.

Preppy App

The user friendly app compatible with iOS and Android. It stores all the items and the shelf-life, so staff don’t need to calculate use-by dates. Labels are printed with all the relevant food safety information: Item name, prep date & time, use-by date & time, staff name. It also handles defrost labels, simple labels and a variety of custom labels. New features are often added

PREPsafe printer

The thermal technology prints labels in seconds, and connects to any phone via bluetooth. There are many advantages to thermal printers. Those include: a. Speed. About 10 labels per second b. Reliability. Thermal printers are expected to last 10 years or more c. Easy of use. They don’t require ink or ribbons, so are super low maintenance.

HACCP-approved, removable labels

The materials used for the labels are food-safe and easy to remove from containers. The printing is easy to read and will last  long time under normal conditions. There is also a dissolvable label option.

Learning to use the system is simple. The intuitive interface means minimal staff training. And our Customer Service are always on stand-by to answer questions or trouble shoot.

Administration is done on the cloud-based dashboard, with a secure admin login. Items can easily be added, deleted or edited. And this is also where we add the shelf-life to each item, so the app can calculate use-by dates automatically. 

Over 7500 venues rely on PREPsafe globally. The USA, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Dubai, and many other countries along with local distributors on the ground ready to assist. Our customers include the world’s biggest brand Hospitals, Fast food chains, Airports, Hotels, mining sites, and Child Care centers.

PREPsafe has proven that our systems and their simplicity are world-class and look forward to being your choice in food safety date coding.

  • George Walton

    Managing Director at Prepsafe Food Labels

    George Walton has been the Managing Director at Prepsafe since 2008. Located in Thailand He takes charge of sales activities for both Thailand and Australia as well as software development and new product innovations

  • Hakeem Abdul

    Distributor Sales Prepsafe UK

    Hakeem is a managing partner of PREPsafe sales, distribution, and service in the UK. with over 20 years of experience in the hospitality industry Hakeem is your go-to man for all things PREPsafe in the UK.

  • Yuh Yaw Ang

    Distributor Sales Prepsafe Asia

    Located in Johor Malaysia YY not only has a M.Sc degree but also 12 years experience as a HSO for a major oil company before becoming a restaurant franchisee and PREPsafe distributor in 2017. his enthusiasm for safety is second to none and ready to support all your food safety needs in Asia

  • Chris

    PREPsafe Distributor for Indonesia.

    Chris has a background in marketing and hospitality. He started with PREPsafe in 2022 working close with Helen.

  • Helen

    PREPsafe Distributor Indonesia, Singapore and Philippines.

    Almost 20 years experience in hospitality. Helen started with PREPsafe Indonesia in 2022.

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Become a Reseller

Prepsafe Food Labels is an innovative Australian company seeking Resellers worldwide. Ideally, we are looking for partners from within the QSR or food industry like existing franchisees with a passion for customer service and helping other restaurant owners achieve best practices and staff efficiency within their business.

Key responsibilities include marketing and support of PREPsafe equipment and supplying PREPsafe consumables to existing and future customers. Familiarity with your local import procedures is also an advantage though not essential.

If you are interested in becoming a Prepsafe distributor in your region or have any questions about the process feel free to get in contact with us